Insulating material

Thickness: 0.025mm-0.5mm
Color: Black, white, transparent
Temperature: 105°C
Electrical insulation and protection uses have UL safety regulation

Sponge cushion material

Silicon class: buffering, temperature resistance, can be shading, there is UL safety regulation
Foam: excellent cushioning absorption, shockproof, waterproof,Dust-proof, increase air tightness, fill the space.
Thickness: 0.05mm-all kinds of thickness please contact us.

Electronic tape

Tape of the major brands of double-sided tape, with good processing, rework and viscosity can be applied to all kinds of surface.
Material: PET, no substrate, foam, cotton base material
Thickness: 0.01mm~1.5mm
Use: Applicable to electrical appliances, electronic products or metal surface adhesive

PC film material

Thickness: 0.075mm
Color: Black, white, transparent
Temperature: 80°C with wear resistance and reflective radiation can prevent this processing scratches,electrical insulation and protection purposes, have UL safety regulation.

EMC related material

Materials: Copper foil, aluminum foil, copper foil conductive adhesive, conductive cloth, conductive foam and conductive interlining.
Thickness 0.025mm
Use: A good conductivity, EMI shielding grounding, material structure and thickness, please contact us.


Thickness:0.05mm-all kinds of thickness please contact us.
Reflection rate: 90.5%-98.4 %
Use: Applicable to TV,NB, mobile phone, lighting and other related electronic products backlight module.


Materials: fibreboard, PI FILM, protection stickers and other.
Use: all kinds of special materials processing and process design services.